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It was a differently interesting evening demonstration to see Chris Foweraker, George’s younger brother and a professional carpenter and cabinet maker, make a substantial and very useful side table with shelf within the 2 hours.

Made out of yellow pine, sourced from a joinery sawn quality plank approx. 16’ x 1’ x 1.5”, the construction used a minimal amount of woodworking tools including being able to use only a jigsaw to cut out the top, bottom and shelf etc. Using yellow pine allowed the completed item to be stained, polished as is, or even painted. All in all an excellent project, especially for beginning woodturners to practice their skills and achieve an attractive and useful result.

Top tip - when turning the spindle make the diameter a shade smaller than the receiving hole and take a small corner off the top end so that when the spindle is inserted into the receiving glued hole the spindle doesn’t push all the glue straight out of the hole!

David Langan