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2021 AGM Minutes

Burnham on Sea Woodturners club

Annual General Meeting

Held on the 28th July 2021 at the Methodist Church Hall, Burnham on Sea

Attendees: 13 of the 20 club members

Chairman – George Foweraker



GF welcomed the 13 members in attendance plus Jay(potential new member) plus Susan and Shirley to the 2020/21 Annual General Meeting, the club's first meeting since February 2020 due to the Coronavirus restrictions.


Club members were reminded who the relevant committee members are and the valuable role of the committee in ensuring the running of the club for all involved:

  • Chairman - George Foweraker

  • Secretary – Ray Blake

  • Treasurer – James Whitmore

  • Webmaster - David Langan

Thanks was also given to Shirley for her help in providing the refreshments.


GF reminded club members that if they wanted to become a committee member then they should please express their interest to him. At the 2018 AGM GF had announced that he wanted to take a break from being chairman of the club but had stayed in position since then but, now that the club was “back is business”, he restated that after 11 years he was now taking a break. Similarly, after 5 years as Club Secretary, RB also is taking a break. The process of finding replacements for these legally necessary positions will therefore now be put in place and agreed within a maximum of 3 months from the date of this meeting. Further details will be circulated by the Club Secretary to all members asap.


GF announced a programme of events for the rest of 2021 and details are available to view on the club website. He also agreed to continue his popular Drop-in workshops.


Treasurers Report

JW reported that the club has a healthy bank balance of £1877, including appropriate grants from the AWGB, despite the significant reduction in revenue over the last 18mths.


Secretary report

Apart from keeping the administration side of the club ticking over during the last 18mths, there was nothing of significance to report


Website review

DL requested that members review the “For Sale” page and notify him of items that have been sold so that they can be removed from the website.

DL also thanked Ricky Coombes on behalf of the club for his initiative at the start of the pandemic in setting up a club Facebook page for members to keep in touch and display photos of their work. Now that the club is operational again members are encouraged to continue to use this facility.

It was agreed that the “Monthly Project” should now be reinstated and details of the projects for the rest of the year can be viewed on the club website.


David Langan

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